7 Major Benefits of MIS/ERP System for Skill Training Partners

7 Major Benefits of MIS/ERP System for Skill Training Partners

Author : Shiva Kaidala

MIS/ERP System for crucial role for every organization.

Let’s take a look at 7 common benefits of utilizing Software

1.A Skill MIS/ERP which assist the organization with all their operational activities from Student Mobilization to Student Post Placement Tracking such has Project Management, Centre Management, Batch Management, Trainer Management..etc..

2.Centralized and a single ERP for all projects such has Skill Projects, CSR Projects, Company Owned Projects, and Retail Courses which will assist them with all their activities.

3.Strong accounts will play a crucial role for every organization to maintain a complete track record of payments, receivables, expenses, and tracking all financial activities and integration of account module with ERP/MIS will help the management to track the progress of organization.

4.Asset Management of every organization will help the organization to maintain a healthy progress and cut down the unwanted expenses and maintain a track of each and every asset of organization.

5.Student life cycle management and tracking of an individual student each and every level and maintaining the data will create a strong data base for future planning and growth.

6.Human Resource Management plays a key role for the growth of any organization an integrated HR Module with ERP will help to track the employee performance and maintain appraisal based on their performance and their contribution towards the development of organization.

7.Deep Analytic s and relevant reports will help the organization to analyze each and every parameter, will also help them to submit the relevant reports to concern Govt Body.